Sean Matthew Doucette

Sean Matthew Doucette

Founder, and Chief Executive Officer

Sean Matthew Doucette is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of HashGrid Beta, LLC, a leading global crypto mining services firm, and a member of its Operating Committee. He is responsible for providing strategic, financial, and operational leadership for the company.

Sean is from Florida and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of South Florida Sarasota and an MSBA from the University of Miami. He began as a financial analyst and foreign exchange trader at the GEO Group, Inc. in 1998. Sean moved to the United Kingdom in 2003 to oversee local markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia for the company till 2011.

Ever since Bitcoin launch in 2009, Sean recognized Bitcoin as a financial opportunity that could completely change the future of digital currency. In late 2011, he moved to Los Angeles and started trading and mining Bitcoins along with his line of business responsibilities towards GEO Group, Inc.

Sean established his first private mining facility in 2016 and the second mining facility in 2018 in Sarasota. In addition to Crypto, Sean holds a Masters in Fine Arts from UCLA and an established film writer, producer, actor, and excellent playback signer with the screen name John. He started HashGrid Beta LLC in October 2020 to provide everyone with a simple, fully secure, and profitable cloud mining experience at a low cost.